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Project management, production management, design production resource available at your finger-tips - the perfect additional resource for your marketing, publishing, communications and events projects.Client Projects

  • a full production service - design and production management for publishing houses and marketing departments
  • a stress-free service - working seamlessly with your team and suppliers (ad agency, printers, copy writers, editors, proofreaders, developers)
  • hire on a project-by-project or contract basis - a great solution for any change to your in-house resource, or when you have too many projects running at once - your additional resource on tap!
  • experienced in working with project teams based internationally e.g. offshore printers, editors / proofreaders, illustrators, advertisers / sponsors
  • UK, NZ and Australian projects welcome - take advantage of the time difference and have work completed throughout the night!
  • the perfect solution for making sure your projects meet deadline!

Our client list includes publishing houses, marketing departments, retail, government, event companies.


Publishing Marketing Communications Events - design, print and digital projects | Publications
Advertising Campaigns | Direct Marketing | Media Advertising | Illustration | Photography | Signage | POS | Event Promotion

NZD mobile website launch advertising campaign - design and print production

Design and Production of medical reference books

Event-Print-Design-Production Management | phone +64 21 609794

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